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8/28/2020 8:15 PM


  Animal Welfare and Rescue

The Purpose for this group is to Assist Low-Income, homeless and home-bound people in getting pet food and other pet items for thier pets. We will also be asssisting with spay and neuters, shots and other pet care need, to an extent. 
We will educate people on the 5 freedoms for their pets and other animals in the community. As well as, educating people on heartworms, intestanal perasites and other issues that may come up.
Here are a list of things that we may help the families with. This is all depending on funds.

Assist with pet food
Help with Vet care, such as yearly shots, spay or neuter pet, heartworm and flea medication to name a few (basic care)
Educate Pet owners on the basic care of pets
Help assist pet owners get their pets microchipped
Report illegal sells of pets
Report illegal fighting of pets (be Rosters or Dogs)
This is for the East Pasco  areas. (Flordia)

5 freedoms

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